Retired race car driver Al Unser Jr. was jailed early Monday after Avon, Indiana police stated he was speeding while intoxicated and also stumbled down a 20 foot embankment minutes before refusing to take an OWI examination.

Unser was taken into the Hendricks Jail. On the internet, court records reveal that he has actually been officially charged with violation of operating a car while intoxicated threatening an individual, in addition to offenses for inappropriate lane use as well as speeding.

According to court records, the retired vehicle driver was pulled over at 1:12 a.m. Monday, May 20th, when an Avon law enforcement officer clocked his black Volkswagen Beetle near the Ronald Reagan Parkway for speeding.

With the soberness examination rejection and indications of problems, the police officer put Unser under arrest and also took him to the Avon, Indiana police department. A warrant to perform a blood draw was acquired, and the examination was performed at Hendricks Regional Health Center.

Two vials of blood were drawn from the previous Indy Car champs arm, and he was subsequently placed under arrest on suspicion of running while intoxicated, with a blood draw pending.
In court papers, the detaining officer claimed that the accused was hostile in officers’ direction throughout the communication.

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